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picture9 Aug 2004 @ 21:41
International Indigenous People's Day
"Tomorrow- August 9, the world celebrates International Indigenous People's Day. Yearly rituals of this kind have so far not produced any marked improvements in the life of the world's indigenous peoples, many of them early settlers. Even the UN Decade of Indigenous People has been a failure. There is now a call to declare another decade.
Colonialism and the advancement of capitalism were the cause of the plunder of their wealth and the uprooting of them from their native soils.
Today they are being further marginalized and their cultures are threatened with extinction under fast-track globalization.
A global effort is required to preserve the economy and culture of these peoples. It is especially important to preserve and improve on the vast body of traditional knowledge they possess.
They are also the guardians of rich bio-diversity in their habitats. It is also necessary to prevent these habitats from commercial exploitation by multinationals in the name of development.
Governments should undertake programs that could integrate these peoples into their societies while preserving their economy and culture and guaranteeing them unhindered rights to their lands and ways of living."
Bangladesh tribes march for rights
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