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picture25 Jul 2002 @ 23:48
By candlelight in the village,
after Rain,
Puddles are sprinkled with mist,
Which follows the deluge.
Half a moon's light
dances through rings and bubbles,
A mosaic of hexagons with wavicle sides.
Storm is rolling quietly now.
Soon oasis shakes the water from Her back
Into the Light of Dawn.
There is a largest village in each Oasis.
This is the node of expectation.
Through dome, pyramid, or cycle,
Where is each Oasis going?
One oasis is going through Cuniform.
Another oasis is going through Newsprint.
The Neolithic metallurgical society
Has chipped the rock and found the atom.
Our Village is the steppingstone
From city to city
Through time on Blue.

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