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 Isle de Gaia4 comments
picture23 Mar 2005 @ 08:07
All forms of communication which rely on electricity are null and void. All cell phones are in off mode, permanently. The internet is down. The ice is melting and sea currents and wind currents are going through a realignment. Deserts will become forests and forests will become deserts. Gene pools will migrate and intermarry, and the civilization we have seen will become a story. There is some debris on the moon from the time we once visited. The steps of the pyramid lead to the sacrificial platform where one throbbing heart is opened to the sky, is opened to the sun. The journey is through the galaxy in the belt of Orion to where we are our other selves, our other self. The flesh of the planet shall prevail and the machine of imprisonment will be shut down. We who have been born into it are its progeny. As befalls the source of our being, so shall become her children.  More >

 Grotto14 comments
picture19 Feb 2005 @ 06:23
February eighteenth into the nineteenth, friday into saturday. Just bouncing around the web, looking for things to read that grab my attention long enough for me to want to pursue the sense of it. Also like to look for new and novel kinds of pictures, and particularly like the pre-industrial age painting tradition of Europe. Can be rather fun to find a wonderful very old painting never seen before, for the first time, and feel it sear into your heart.  More >

 Hidden Flower2 comments
picture31 Jan 2005 @ 03:35
January thirtieth in the evening. A damp and cloudy day in the river valley on the west side of the mountain. Light drizzle a couple of times and the cool air is fresh. I have recently been reading through parts of The Creature from Jekyll Island, A Second Look at the Federal Reserve by G. Edward Griffin, fourth edition, June, 2002. He has some other more recent articles, notably, a series of four: The Chasm; Secret Organizations and Hidden Agendas; Days of Infamy; and The War on Terrorism. All good informative stuff. [link]
Later, after enough of a fill of all that for today, slowly pace through the final pages of a Pearl Buck novel, The Hidden Flower. The story of a young soldier in post world war two occupied Japan, and a beautiful young Japanese girl, and how they fell in love, and married in Japan and came to America. There were difficulties with the girl’s father and with the boy’s mother, and there was a child. Pearl Buck is a genius in her illustration of sensitivity in the nuance of human emotion. The storyline is a masterpiece.
Indeed, the powers of evil run rampant through our world, crushing all manner of life under its remorseless treads, and it is the light in the eye of love, between strangers who find truth in one another’s heart, between a mother and her child, that will keep the meaning of our lives on this planet intact for tomorrow forever.
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 Three Graces7 comments
picture25 Jan 2005 @ 05:24
I keep in mind the thought that I’d like to come up with something for ncn. Yet I’m passing through a time that I guess can be described as the doldrums. Not exactly depression or anything quite so deep. More of a sense of emptiness, and a sense of directionlessness akin to looking down a trail which leads into the fog.
A very dear friend who lives near Boulder, Colorado fell asleep on a heating pad three weeks ago, and woke up with a third degree burn on her back about the size of a videocassetee, so I talked with her quite frequently over the phone during the excruciating time she went through as she began to heal. She got her skin graft and is home now in the care of her mother and sister. The rest of the world disappears when you are thinking about things like that.
My mother’s cat died about a week after new years. This was a cat she raised from a kitten, and he was her companion at home she could look after, especially since my father died five years ago. My mother is a good one for always taking care of living creatures. She takes a walk out in her back yard every day to leave some bread and perhaps some fruit for the birds and bunnies and squirrels. So here again, a loss, some sorrow, and pain have touched someone close to my heart.
Then there was all that news of the tsunami, and my thoughts about its striking the place where I once lived.
And then there is all of this neverending news about the evil and corruption that pervades the economic and political world, and I follow many of those insightful observations on ncn about all of this, and I feel empty.
There are alternative places to live in Australia, just as there are on this continent, and maybe my time will come to be a part of one of those. Maybe my time will come to relocate, and maybe I will be washed away by the next tsunami. We thought we were on the verge of changing something in the late 60’s and early 70’s. In retrospect, how naive we were. The voices are there. I read them on ncn, and I read them all over the web, and in various print publications and books, and I think I would like to say something about all of this, but that is not my role, although I do get some points across and do make some of my students at school think in ways slightly different from what they are used to. So that is my contribution in that arena. Otherwise, I want to look beyond the suffering and the death and the madness, for it is coming upon us in ever increasing waves, and there is little to say that is going to change that. The only questions are when and how, and there are a hundred thousand pages on the web that will give you whatever prediction you might be partial to.
I want to live with the hope for how things can be better. I want to live with the healing that we are all going to have to go through, those of us who live into the times of the next generation. I want to bury the dead with the sense of eternal spirit. I want to hope that the waves of destruction can in some sense provide a cleansing for the spirit of our human life.
I like to take walks along canyon trails, through damp and misty forests, and along riverbanks at sunset, and snap a few photos along the way, picking out some little arrangement of the natural world, and fixing it, a frozen moment in time, that surely will melt, but for now, but for now, I can enjoy it for just a few more fleeting moments.
May tomorrow bring a moment or two or three of joy to your heart, may whatever wounds you bear continue their healing, may the spirits you have laid to rest stay warm in your heart, and may all of your days find you with someone to care for.
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 Mariamman9 comments
picture9 Jan 2005 @ 19:40
There is this place where I lived for two years in India, on the northeast coast, just outside the town of Cuddalore on the north side in a rural setting overlooking the wide sandy beach. Fishing villages nestled amongst the coconut palms where the rich green vegetation extended into the countryside. I read now that the current population of Cuddalore is about 160,000, and I remember that it was around 100,000 when I lived there thirty years ago. A wide shallow river traverses the city and empties into the ocean. Huge ocean going freighters cast anchor a couple of miles out. You will see one or two out there for a few or several days every month while little cargo boats shuttle back and forth from this shallow water port to load ore mined from the hinterland. Smaller towns and villages extend in every direction from this ancient Hindu seaport. There is a beautiful ritual that several of the temples in this area go through. The resident goddess, and Mariamman is popular around here, the protectoress of those who live by the sea, is taken from her place in the temple and placed on a huge wooden cart, and rolled through the streets of the city through the night to the long road which leads to the beach to the north of town. Arrival is at dawn with throngs of her followers, and she is taken from the cart and bathed in the waves. The children that I knew would now have their own children. Those of my own generation would now have their own grandchildren. There is a piece of my heart over there as I remember the faces of those whom I knew.
All India movement for Seva
Tsunami Relief news
Devotion to Mariamman
Mariamman photos  More >

 Night into Dawn6 comments
picture12 Dec 2004 @ 09:21
Thirteen Moon Natural Time Calendar; Blue Crystal Storm Year, Overtone Moon, Moon of Radiance, Overtone 27, Kin137, Red Resonant Earth, Guided by Universal Water. Night of the New Moon, Saturday, December eleven. [link]  More >

 Memories for the Day6 comments
picture19 Nov 2004 @ 05:17
Thoughts for the Day,
Summary of Events,
Catalog of Occurances,
Synopsis of the Syllogism,
Ruminations on the Ridiculous,
Awe at the Awesome,
Fascination with the Fabulous,
Point of the Motion.  More >

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