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 Heart of the City7 comments
picture30 Mar 2006 @ 08:56
Black and White kitty scouts out the back yard under the new moon in the heart of the city.  More >

 Blue Mesa9 comments
picture12 Mar 2006 @ 21:22
Notes on the road
from a drivearound.  More >

 planet Blue17 comments
picture18 Feb 2006 @ 22:10
Series of pictures of planet Blue.
Other than that,
a few midnight thoughts. . .  More >

 Crop Circle Facture7 comments
picture16 Oct 2005 @ 12:48
Rain in the River Valley, night into light.
White gold sunset over the full flowing river by the cottonwood forest,
lighting the undergrowth from around the base of the great grandfather
and the three graces.
If somebody knows, then nobody’s telling,
cause it sounds like nobody knows.
Rocks tumble from the sky, peppering the landscape.
Magnetic vibrations emanate from within.
The air is full of raindrops, splattering the leaves and rocks.
Whirlwind in the night
carves the swaying stems of grass
into a sign written with the finger of symmetry.
*/*_-*  More >

 Moonlight through Leaves8 comments
picture24 May 2005 @ 07:56
Monday evening into Tuesday, May twenty-third into the twenty-fourth. Every speaker has his or her turn during presentations week. Tonight the teamworkers of Group Dynamics covered three topics: the HIV-AIDS virus and epidemic and treatment at the state and global levels; history of internet, software, and media piracy in all of its various forms, and how it should be dealt with strategically and ethically; and the troubling issues and situations that many of today’s children have to face and deal with, including divorce of parents and their possible remarriage, abuse by one or both parents, verbal or physical, socialization issues from pre-school to adolescence and what or any concept of the future are they developing? Eighteen presentations altogether, eight minutes each, no more than ten. Shall see many of these same students in their portfolio and professional procedures class next quarter. Guided awareness training in how to develop an effective prospective employee persona. How to write up a one-page definition of where you come from and what you know how to do. Tomorrow evening, there will be a total of seven presentations covering three separate topics. Teams of two, two, and three, covering the effects of three specific U.S. based transnational corporations and the countries they operate in or through, either directly or indirectly. Could be very interesting if done well. Everyone gets a turn to tell the rest of us what he or she has taken some trouble to find out. The fruits of labor are spoken.
Image from: [link]
A rather evocative image.
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 waves of sea1 comment
picture14 May 2005 @ 06:40
Friday evening suburban sunset into an inner city dawn. May thirteenth into the fourteenth. Desert flowers surround the tall twin headed yucca, flowerless itself this season, waiting for its time. River runs full, while sparse vegetation on volcanic slopes shimmers in sunlight. Ribbon of water rises and falls with the passing seasons in the valley between the mountain forest and the volcanic desert. Sunrise over the forest. Sunset over the desert flowers. The time is transition between darkness and light. Soil receives the root while our air receives the branch. Every thing begets itself anew. We are becoming something else. Who we were disappears into memory. Who we have been becomes whom we will be, and those of us whose sight is clear may show us a way. Those of us who look for and listen for truth shall find it. When all of the lies have melted into the endless waves of sea, we shall be who we are meant to be, and join the interstellar community.
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 Snowtree12 comments
picture21 Apr 2005 @ 04:57
There is a path they call peace, and they think of it as a place as in a destination, while another way of looking at it, is as a path, which extends limitlessly without destination. Who passed by in your world today?  More >

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