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 Eclipse - 20123 comments
picture4 Jun 2012 @ 10:10
Eclipse, 2012
All the pages of this morning’s newspaper have been turned.
The comics and the crossword,
Did the Cardinals Win last night? Update on the weather,
and what to look for in the sky tonight.
Any neighborhood shootings last night?
Anyone whose star crossed a bullet through moonlight?
All through the streets of the City,
All of us belong to one of twelve houses.
Horoscopes are on the crosswords page.
One twelfth of us are going to have this kind of a day.

I am born in the sign of harvest woman. I am born with Dawn.
My Solar Disc is rising with her.
Dawn pulls my heartstrings,
And my native season is late summer – early autumn,
As a cooler breeze washes across the fields
Following the warmest days of summer,
And as the first blush of yellow, orange, and red
Tints the leaves of summer’s sea of green.

Mythical characters – goddess of Love, Feathered Serpent –
And all of many others – are spoken of in stories around the globe.
Imaginary men and women, centaurs and flying horses –
Hippopotamus as Great Bear, and the Hunter and his hound,
Remind us that there are things we do not know about
That play a role in our lives,
And these creatures from our most distant past might say
That if we pay attention, we might see some connection
Between What is going on in the sky, the directions in our lives,
And the meanings we create.

The ancients would not have known Uranus or Neptune,
As far as we know, but they spent countless hours
following what they could see.
They would have had the time and silence
to make observations that many of us
Currently do not hear.
If you want to know about the stars and the planets,
It’s about listening.

There was no sea of fluorescent lamps stretching towards the horizon
in every direction from the surface of the stone platform
at the top of the Yucatan pyramids.
There was only the dark or moonlit carpet
Of the jungle canopy from above.
And at every other megalithic site on Earth,
Men and women had time to follow the sky
And there was darkness all around.
To follow the stars and the planets, enter the darkness,
And Listen, to the place in your heart,
where they were seeded when you took your first breath
and made your first cry into this strange universe.
And hopefully,
your name will not be in tomorrow morning’s newspaper,
and you can read what your sign has in store for you.

John Ashbaugh
May 20, 2012  More >

 Who Wins?331 comments
picture22 Sep 2010 @ 02:15
Picked this guy up from the middle of a strip of Two Lane asphalt.
I was out on a little drive around through the Mojave Desert Preserve.
Looking for Tomorrow.  More >

 Drivearound8 comments
picture19 Sep 2009 @ 22:42
Utah Drivearound

First day out, three-hundred and seventeen miles from Los Jardines de Hawley to
Goosenecks state park, Utah, where the meandering river has cut a deep gorge. Start off
with a stopover at the San Ysidro roadside Quik Stop. Park to the side near the fence and
the grass.  More >

 UnderFoot1 comment
picture12 Feb 2009 @ 06:56
Sit by the fire inside, the cabin in winter,
enclosed with a set of walls,
under the very recently full moon.  More >

 Walk the Ice3 comments
picture10 Feb 2009 @ 05:46
Glide across the surface of the Ice.
Walk across the frozen Lake.  More >

 @Water1 comment
picture29 Jan 2009 @ 07:26
Wednesday night into Thursday morning.
Just took a look through the first two parts of Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s
Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner.
Been so long since I’ve read those phrases,  More >

 Quiet Day5 comments
picture3 Jan 2009 @ 05:48
Kind of a quiet day today. Almost next to nothing. First there is the morning newspaper at the nearest convenience store half a mile up the two lane asphalt road. Haven’t seen Fernando behind the counter for two weeks. Happy New Year, my friend.
What do we have to look forward to? Chaos and Destruction. Have a good one. See you again soon.  More >

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