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 Free Will IS a Choice--
category picture30 Jun 2002 @ 11:25
...Do your own thing OR--
...Become aware of and participate in the Wholeness of human society at home, in community, at state, regional and federal levels.
...People who ONLY do their own thing are Egos, just like animals--even if they are technocrats or geniuses!
...People who ONLY work at the public level and never do any private, inner work are Egos, like Satan, who feel superior to the Rest.
...But it takes a balance if inner and outer knowledge, awareness and effort, to make a cosmic soul.
...Talk is cheap; but cosmic citizenship demands total devotion, total truth, and total trust.


 Denial is a problem we can focus on, to help redirect attention.
category picture29 Jun 2002 @ 09:27
THE U.S. HAS GONE MAD ...The way to facilitate problem-solving is to redirect attention back on problems people experience, so these problems can be dealt with. ...YET, in our social milieu in which violence is not only promoted, it is subsidized--the viewing of violence is fine, but any and all forms of anger that arise, in any setting are considered and judged to be dangerous [which they are], and so they are repressed and suppressed, not dealt with openly. ...Anger--even legitimate and appropriate outrage--becomes a forbidden emotion. Workplaces, social agencies and government all become very fearful and reactive to any form of display of anger--legitimate or not. ...Anger, in fact, is a natural and healthy part of human psychological make-up when frustration is the experience we obtain. Without anger, we would not have the energy we need, to actually solve a problem. ...If whatever organization you belong to and work for has a Human Resources Department, you already realize that anger is forbidden forbidden forbidden under rules of conduct--for any reason or purpose whatever. A person outraged over an issue is presumed to be an unacceptable employee, out-of-hand. Workers get fired for any breech of displaying anger. [No wonder, workers come back to get even, eh?] ....THAT is insane. Thus, every American organization that has a Human Resources Department in charge of its hiring and firing is insane. Every Security Department that attacks a person solely because they are experiencing anger is insane. Every Social Services agency that discriminates against a person because they are experiencing anger is insane. .....We need to realize, acknowledge AND DOCUMENT THE FACT, that this nation is gone off on a path to mass insanity over the denial of every kind of anger, outrage or human frustration. The only acceptable behavior, in authoritarian terms, is willing compliance, no matter how unreasonable a stimulus, demand or insult might be. .....We must stop indulging and appeasing these INSANE IDEAS--THAT VIOLENCE IS OKAY BUT ANGER IS FORBIDDEN. .....LEGITIMATE ANGER must be allowed to surface off the web's Conspiracy sites, and return to the halls of Congress, the State Capitols and City Hall. .....There's enough pain to go around, that we ought to be able to talk about it, without the fear of retribution. [JUST LOOK AT WHAT the Govt DOES to whistleblowers!] chai

 When WE "See NO evil, Hear NO evil, Speak NO evil", what happens?
category picture25 Jun 2002 @ 08:09
...Three monkeys in a row, teaching complacency and oblivion for the sake of "security." ...SOMEHOW, in the confrontation between market politics and religious ideology, I don't think this is going to work. ...When, what we have is an irresistible force confronting an immovable object, what finally moves is the WHOLE PLANET HERSELF. ...Nothing will ever be the same after the people who preferred Oblivion to the Truth GET BACK what their Avoidance created. chaiyah_448272 created this Question on Tue, Jun 25, 2002 7:36 AM., Sent to Category: Relationships

 Who IS the antichrist foretold in Scripture?
category picture24 Jun 2002 @ 06:48
...Let's give this some thought:
...Who is it that presumes to contradict the sum and substance of the Covenant between Yahweh and the nation of Israel?
...Who is it, who singlehandedly refuses to permit the Jewish nation from living in peace with the people who were left over when Israel was founded?
...Who is it, who ignores the Christian Covenant as if it never existed alongside of Judaism?
...Now that he is threatening nuclear holocaust against Israel--
...let's see what happens next.

 How long will we endure this great Cruelty?
category picture24 Jun 2002 @ 06:25
...What is cruel is indifference: "It was YOUR choice."
...What is cruel is dogma: "All I can do for you is..."
...What is cruel is stupefaction: "It's NOT my problem."
...What is cruel is avoidance: "Get outta here!"
...What is cruel is blindness: "You're just a blah blah"
...Wouldn't it be better to let our eyes see and our ears hear; let our hearts be touched or broken?
...Wouldn't it be better, if we begin to insist on getting to the Truth rather than lapping up excuses?
...Wouldn't it be better, if Congress were willing to do the job we gave them to do, and not knuckle under?
...What will work will be grassroots helping each other, despite our permission to be pre-empted.
...What will work would be for those who are fearless to organize themselves regardless of other affiliations.
...Then, we'll be able to care for the fallen and the vulnerable, when the time comes that some phreak out.
...Looks from here as if that time is coming relatively soon, from the painful immobilization we can witness.
...God said, the meek will inherit the earth. I'm counting on it. We all can.

chaiyah_448272 created this Question on Sat, Jun 15, 2002 10:49 PM.
Sent to Category: Ethics

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