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 Expressing Dismay is NOT the same as "making a difference"
category picture20 Jul 2002 @ 09:31
...We exprss displeasure, anger, fear, disbelief, disgust, consternation at man's indifference and inhumanity to man.
...So what?
...Will that change the ambient level of radioactivity or heat coming from the sun?
...Of course not.
...Will it change the lies, deceptions and deceit coming from our USCoverment?
...Of course not.
...What will create change, in the 5th dimension between Stillness at one end of the spectrum and Order, at the other?
...Here´s a list of steps, actions and stances, we can take that WILL make change happen.
...Stop buying from Wal-Mart, period. They operate OFF the international slave trade.
...Stop using petroleum products, period. Take public transportation, bike or share rides. Let gas stations starve and give their employees other jobs in your community. By doing so you dry up the liquid assets the Coverment can use against you.
...We must grow our own food and make ourselvew ready for a new Ice Age--bermed-in solar-heated. It´s probably better, if several families get together and go in on one community facility. That puts economies to scale to work, that don´t exist in single-family dwellings.
...Get rid of the TV. It is hypnotizing. Maybe it can serve as a permanent VCR monitor, and tell the cable company to go to hell. Buy a short-wave radio instead. The news is NOT what we are hearing, around here.
...Call all the kids home, along with grandchildren, from wherever they have wandered in search of work. You can create enough of an economy by yourselves with what is at hand. We don´t need to be victimized and weakened by the Dollar Economy, any longer. The Dollar Economy is brain-dead and will be physically dead in just a few months time.
...Listen to the kids rap. They are in just as much pain and travail as we adults are. Have compassion.
...Remember: Two wrongs NEVER make a right. And remember: The parable of the wheat and the weeds SAID, the ANGELS would TAKE OUT THE WICKED, not us.

 How can a human being begin to know God, Who consists of Light?
category picture19 Jul 2002 @ 18:57
"nemonemini" said:
I suspect that it is the use of phrases such as "non random pattern". My interpretation of that phrase is as follows: random is the opposite of pattern. Therefore non randon =
pattern. Thus non random pattern = pattern pattern or simply pattern!

I respond:

...There is no such thing or concept as "random."
...The truth is, prime number energies articulate everything.
...Otherwise, God could not master His Own Creation.
...The opposite of "ordered" is "still" or "motionless," NOT, "random."
...Otherwise, prescience would be impossible.
...We can talk about dimensions we cannot experience.
...The first is a point;
...the second, a line of light or thought;
...the third, a location in three-dimensional space.
...The fourth is time--physical time.
...And the fifth is change--stillness to order, back to stillness.
...There is no way to interpret the 5th dimension on this physical plane.
...That is why confusion reigns over everything of "value" >>here<<.
...That is why, without the Word [Judgment] of God, this plane is helpless and hopeless, not knowing how to navigate from misery toward joy.
...Chaos, the 6th Dimension, is merely the Stillness of Death.
...This is due to the elements of living matter not being in close proximity, that it might be inhabited and enlivened by spirit.
...Thus, both the 5th and 6th Dimensions embody STILLness--the 5th is the stillness of fear and the 6th is the stillness of death [unconsciousness] itself.
...The thoughts of God are the 7th Dimension.
...This is due to the fact that the Thoughts of God succeed in changing Everything prior--all six previous dimensions are subject to the Thoughts of God in His time-frame.
...The opposite, negative, polarity to the 7th Dimension, thought of God is Ego--of course.
...It is the belief in separation between one's own senses and the Wisdom and Joy of the Creator that defeats true knowledge of all six of the previous dimensions, by the Ego's
...Only seeing itself in its own mirror, and not receiving nor responding to the Joyful Thoughts of God, that one cannot sustain, enliven and perpetuate its/his/her own Life.
...But, it's a Choice we are given, to make.
...The choices we make out of free will become the particularities of the 8th dimension, in relation to or not in relation to, God.
...Moreover, Judgment Day is the 9th Dimension, in which God evaluates the FIT between our coded DNA-pattern and the veracity and congruence with which we act out the covenants and doctrines to which we have consented.
...Having been Judged worthy, we may then participate in the 10th Dimension--and make the leap from Form1 to Form2 to FormN in FULL Trust, in the Spirit of God's Works, and for the Pleasure of His/Her Company.
...And so it is.
...And thus, we come to know Time and Eternity, first hand.

 America is paralyzed; Thought Control is WORKING.
category picture16 Jul 2002 @ 07:54
Television is hypnotic, using flickering images to impress its suggestions. Schools demand conformity. Police demand unquestioning obedience. Churches demand conformity. The Law get more and more detailed, more and more complex. And media MERELY massage and rehearse prevailing dogma and group-think, centered around, "Ain't it AWFUL!" But, There is no one
courageous enough to taking the initiatives needed to put the Administration in jail, where they belong. There is no intimation or message--anywhere--to the effect that people
are expected to know how to think about Justice, Honor, Dominion and Sovereignty for themselves.

 Getting OUT of Hell--Step Three--Backing off ...
category picture8 Jul 2002 @ 09:36
...backing off from the Consumerism model towards Life rich with skills, gifts and arts because its people accept the tough discipline of "needlessness."
...My hope is to lead the way, OUT of Hell.
...Many of us have experienced monetary double-binds from which we cannot get loose, get free.
...If you remember Chinese finger puzzles, the harder you work at getting loose, the harder it is and the more firmly in its grip, your fingers are held.
...Economics are LIKE THAT. The harder you work and the more money you make, the more money you need.
...If we're going to get out of hell, we're going to have to BACK OUT, by not needing anything much.
...As it was well spoken, "The Rich are not the persons who HAVE the most. Rather, they are the persons who NEED THE LEAST."
...Intentional communities have always had the problem of buying up large tracts of land, and then having to pay taxes on all that land. Maybe that's not necessary.
...Intentional communities have always tried very creative and individualistic forms of sustainable construction; but, they use artistic license and give away all the economies of scale that modular building creates.
...Intentional communities have always presumed, either to create a single business or organization of their own, or to depend on the money economy to keep them afloat. Maybe
there's a third way, not tried. I know there is.
...Fact is, the Kingdom of God is untried, in Hell. Neither is the New Jerusalem in Hell.
...So, if we want to participate in those paradigms, we're going to have to start from scratch, to do it.
...Luck has it, there is a small portion of land on which I shall build the prototype of a survival-sufficient, invisible, tactile economy that no one will bother and no one will tap. ["Can you get blood out of a turnip?"]
...Anybody wanting to investigate freedom from the standpoint of "needlessness," give me a holler. I may have a space or two left.

 Where are we--physically? Are we in the Kingdom or in the Abyss?
category picture6 Jul 2002 @ 17:30
......Tell me: WHY is LIFE in this world NOT reflecting the Kingdom of God? This is a very interesting and stimulating question. The word, "torment" appears in Scripture at Matt. 8:29, Luke 16:23, Rev. 9:5: 11:10, 14:11, and 20:10. The torment of God, "what might have been," is the physical opposite of the word, "to deserve." It implies a person is blocked at their source of power or will.
......So, WHY is the Kingdom of God NOT HERE, in our midst?
......Because we are not where we think we are, that’s why.
......THE qualities that define a person who is participating in the Kingdom of God. From Yehoshua [known as “Jesus”] Himself--Matthew chapter 5: “Blessed are the poor in spirit; for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven. Blessed are they that mourn, for th4ey shall be comforted. Blessed are the meek; for they shall inherit the earth. blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness; for they shall be filled. Blessed are the merciful; for they shall obtain mercy. Blessed are the pure in heart; for they shall see God. Blessed are the peacemakers; for they shall be called the children of God.” And on and on.
......Okay, where are they? Where ARE these people, today? Where’d they go?
......From the Apostle Paul and all the Saints--New English Bible, 8:10-15: “For you know how generous our Lord Jesus Christ has been: he was rich, yet for your sake he became poor, so that through his poverty you might become rich. Here is my considered opinion on the matter. What I ask you to do is in your own interests. You made a good beginning last year both in the work you did and in your willingness to undertake it. Now I want you to go on and finish it: be as eager to complete the scheme as you were to adopt it, and give according to your means. Provided there is an eager desire to give, God accepts what a man has; he does not ask for what he has not. There is no question of relieving others at the cost of hardship to yourselves; it is a question of equality. At the moment your surplus meets their need, but one day your need may be met from their surplus. The aim is equality; as Scripture has it, ‘The man who got much had no more than enough, and the man who got little did not go short.’
......So, it’s really clear that the disciples and apostles KNEW what Yehoshua was talking about when he spoke a radical theology of Trusting God. Right?

The Ten Dimensions of Reality--
1st Dimension--—A Singularity, a point in space/time “Results-NOW” ORIENTATION
2nd Dimension--—A LINE of Thought (or Coherent Light) yields an Effect in ”Objective Time” ORIENTATION.
3rd Dimension---Location in Space yields an Outcome “Be HERE NOW" ORIENTATION
4th Dimension--Forward T*I*M*E—“Big Bang” to “Dissipation” yields "Effort" ORIENTATION
5th Dimension---Valued Experience yields "What IS Good in Physical Time" ORIENTATION
6th Dimension---yields an Intention in the Wobbles of History, Chaos > Order > Chaos
7th Dimension---yields the Touch of Thought, which is Love from the Mind of God--"The Kingdom of God is within you" leading to Wisdom, to keep repeat what works for Good.
8th Dimension--—Memories and Particularities of Relationships in Subjective [Reverse] Time ORIENTATION yields insights, "The Way Things actually WERE."
9th Dimension--"Eternal/Holy Outcomes" ORIENTATION yields
DNA Roles vis a vis Doctrines—-Did they FIT, or not? If not, DREAM states deal w/Dissonance.
10th Dimension---yields Consciousness and Visualization of the JUMP from Form1 to Form2 to FormN to the idea, "Imagine THAT!"

......I hate to tell you this, but WE are where the torment IS. And, where is that torment? Where is it, that the Kingdom of God is NOT?
......Let’s go at this from another angle, for a moment. "And I saw a new heaven and a new earth ... And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband." Rev. 21:1.
......Okay, this is now two thousand years later. Where IS IT? New Jerusalem is not here, is it? The Kingdom of God is not here, is it? What IS here is torment, "how things might have been." Go back and look at the Ten Dimensions again. We live "in real-time" and experience. Notice, "time" is the Fourth Dimension. [We all already know this.]
......Now, let us reason together. Is our experience here characterized MORE by movement-in-space [Dimension 3], or by the Values and Blessings that God promised us in Level 5, which are characteristics of both Judaism and Christianity? Who of us is not a mental, if not physical, commuter, switching from task to task, rather than from Joy to Joy?
......Are our thoughts more attuned to Dimension Two—single and simple lines of thought—or are we characterized by holistic understanding of Level Six—the ebbs and flows of History itself? What is true is, nobody agrees with anybody else about the time of day, let alone, an interpretation of History.
......Finally, do we more often experience immobilization by a single point of attention [as in slavery] or do we more often share the experience of the thoughts of God in the Body of Christ or in Temple sacrifices? When was the last time we took a real Sabbath vacation or retreat, in which we permit ourselves to rest with God in Trust? That’s what happens in the Physical Kingdom of God, not here.
......Remember, Yahweh said, the Law would last forever. Therefore, somewhere, it is still going on. Remember, the Christ is King for how long? Where? Not here! Then, you see, we live in Objective Time, not in Physical Time. And, we are in the lowest existential framework for human existence, namely, the Objective Dimension. We cannot get out of here until God, our Judge and Sovereign, lets us out of here. Oh! No wonder, things are so hard! No wonder, the Rich suffer right along with the Poor! No wonder, there is no advantage, no peace, in money or high birth or privilege or rank! We are not where we thought we were, that’s why.
......There are TWO LEVELS of human experience above us—not one. Heaven is not what is alone, above us. We are in the Abyss, below the Physical. The world of Yehoshua’s teachings that are in operation, and the world of the Law Covenant where the Law is kept are both above our heads, on concentric surfaces of this planet earth, less dense and further out than the dense surface on which we stand, sit and lie down.
.......Our sense of time in Objective Time is limited to movements in space; trajectories, processes and procedures. It is left to the Physical Level above us, to understand Values and History collectively; to manifest Good out of one’s will freely with effort, and understand the Thoughts of God by simple telepathy and thought sharing. It is left to Lighter, subjective Spirits, to inhabit Heaven, the furthest out and least dense surface of this planet, to create one’s habitat instantaneously out of the visualization stores of one’s memory; to travel back-and-forth in Subjective Time at will; and to converse with Angels.
......This our world is in travail, endlessly. There is no end of torment in Hell. This is why things never get better. This is why history is filled with “the same old same old,” from generation-to-generation. This is why violence is expected, here, because the Kingdom of God is NOT here.
......Folks, we are in Hell. And we are ALL here because we have some sort of ego problem: 1. Either we think we’re smarter than God, as Satan did, Cain did and the hyper-religious and atheistic among us, do. 2. OR, we think that Yahweh God’s Covenants don’t particularly matter-—that God SHOULD love everybody “equally” and in the same fashion, as Esau did.
......So, it doesn’t work to say, “I’m no sinner.” If we were not all abject sinners, we would not be here. So, let’s listen up.
......Would someone like to challenge this idea?

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