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 Problem-Solving Requires True Information & DATA
30 May 2009 @ 18:09, by M. Emily Cragg

For EXO-COMM Forum Members @ [link]

Human Life consists of the ability to parse and judge Effects That Track BACK to Causes. We CANNOT JUDGE Effects until and unless we know what shows up. We are being prevented from knowing Effects, to the end that we are kept as cattle who know nothing about Causes in our Lives.

This is a barbaric act of betrayal, withholding essential information about Effects [and the Causes they imply].

What are we not allowed to know? NASA doesn't show us real photos of the Moon, of Mars, Venus and Titan. We cannot infer what is true from the photos we do get, because of alterations in skew, contrast, hue and scale which obfuscate details.

Keeping us in the dark about FACTS of our existence means we are powerless to change anything.

In order to continue to keep us "hue-mons" in the dark, even the distances between our planet and the Moon, the size of objects, distances between objects, spatial relationships on heavenly bodies are either recorded inaccurately or prohibited from being known. I estimate, based on my analyses of John Walson's video photography, that our Moon is only about 40K miles up there, much smaller than NASA says; and I speculate that it is probably IN FRONT of the Van Allen Belt, not behind it. Otherwise, our Moon would merely serve as a space station for Aliens, not as a space jump-off point for ourselves.

The only galactic history we have been offered has come from Pleiadeans through Alex Collier and Billy Meier; never have the Masons/Orions through the Annunaki/Mystery Line (the Fascists) given Humanity the dignity of a history. We are cattle to them.

Disappearances [and abductions which result in complete disappearances] are not discussed in the Fascist media. We have no way to really know how many human beings are being "taken," nor is there ANY MOVEMENT to prevent such abductions (such as exist on Mars and our Moon :: camouflaged and inconspicuous housing for people). Sprawling filthy and crowded cities do not exist on other planets the way they are allowed to exist here.

Carbon-based filthy energy profiteering is not allowed to exist on other planets, the way it is allowed to exist here. Money and usury finance is not allowed to exist on other planets for the exploitation of their peoples' labors the way these are allowed to exist (by SO-CALLED HUMAN LEADERSHIP) here. Indeed, Mars, Venus and Titan show absolutely no indicators of commercialization nor environmental degradation, as is allowed here.

Human leadership, top-down bureaucracy, isn't just BAD here; they're CRAZY by galactic standards; and they withhold information the way a constrictor snake will fool its victim into thinking it can get away. Human leadership is predatory and parasitic, top-down.

Did you not notice this somehow? Please do. We are not truly cattle, unless you all ALLOW IT.

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