She-chaiyah's chronicle: Navigating Perfidy.    
 Navigating Perfidy.
21 Mar 2009 @ 22:38, by M. Emily Cragg

Having been a Xerox color-copier technician and Trainer, I have spent the past year investigating and examining over 3000 NASA photos of Mars, Venus, Titan and our Moon.

About 20% of their photos are grossly altered to hide details, the main detail being Living Human Forms (made up of different elements on different planets). Humans always look human: either Asian, blonde or Mediterranean. Reptoids always look Reptoid. Bigfoot always look Bigfoot. Surprise, surprise, surprise. Racial DNA is consistent across the solar system, and EVERYWHERE in our solar system.

In fact, every factoid in every Space Science textbook, Kindergarten-through-graduate school, written and published by the New World Odour is false. They ALL simply lie. They found life half a century ago; they wrote a Treaty with some of the ETs which those ETs violated in spades by the 1960s. Our Coverment has been at war with the ETs threatening us, ever since.

In fact, the culture of Mars and our Moon CONTAINS ELEMENTS of human sacrifice, capital punishment, serial wars, economic degredation of classes and hierarchical organization.

Exactly what is coming here. Is that what we want?

What do you think?

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