She-chaiyah's chronicle: The Adoption of the Nazi State, with silence.    
 The Adoption of the Nazi State, with silence.
1 Oct 2007 @ 18:49, by M. Emily Cragg

"The end justifies the means," is at work in the USSA as it was in the USSR.

The Constitution by which our nation was organized has been overturned.

"Authorities" can now break into your home in the middle of the night, arrest you on a trumped-up charge, create a kangaroo trial with false information --


create a false news story about what happened to you--


based on false scientific or legal information trumped up at the Federal level --


and execute you without the knowledge of your family or friends.

Three nations have been obliterated for all time, by depleted uranium armaments and radioactive waste: Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq ... for what? For NOTHING.

There has been a sequence of covert violence and assassinations since 1963 which the mainstream media has methodically LIED and perjured themselves about --



So, what's goin' on around here? Anybody notice this stuff?

Anything you want to be concerned about?


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