She-chaiyah's chronicle: Will humanity adapt to Change, or die from Neglect?    
 Will humanity adapt to Change, or die from Neglect?
31 Jul 2002 @ 09:11, by M. Emily Cragg

...Scientists believe the entire solar system is heating up, not merely this planet, and not merely as a result of the burning of fossil fuels. [link]
...This means, we cannot escape effects of planetary heating by pointing at each other and blaming each other for being the cause of change.
...Shift happens.

...Just L@@K at our USCoverment, mired in dissension, stuck in Laws confounded by partiality for the Rich and engorged with professionals seeking fees for "favors" and "services" that lead nowhere.
...How in hell is this USCoverment going to help US adapt to change? Can you imagine?
...Our ZoNING laws FORCE Commuting.
...Our marketing systems FORCE MASS distribution of goods that could be locally produced.
...Our labor systems FORCE families to move apart from each other, and so, fail to support each other interpersonally.
...Our government systems FORCE political participation into NARROW channels of activism, in which the people with MEANS dominate over everybody else, including the meek, the intelligent, the compliant and the ready.
...You want mass extinction in this nation?
...Well, that's what we're headed for, out of sheer, neglect, stupefaction and repetition of dogma.
...Go for it. Yeah, I'm disgusted today. So? That, and a buck and a half will buy me a cup of coffee. [shrug]

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