She-chaiyah's chronicle: Passive Joy Versus Living by the Truth    
 Passive Joy Versus Living by the Truth
29 Jul 2002 @ 07:50, by M. Emily Cragg

QUERY:--The Buddha once said ; * when you bow to the Universe, the Universe bows to you. * . . . I mean, you--as an individual--you want to experience a life of happiness and worth. You were born for what? Is it for happiness at your beautiful fact of existence or for the mission to destroy others' families life? Did Moses really really really taught you that you mission is to put fear and terror in the heart of children of other Human Beings?

...At the heart of the Passivist is the desire or "Happiness,"
first, last and in the middle.
...This is not according to my thinking, nor the thinking I
receive from my Source.
..."Happiness" is an ephemeral and fleeting experience, one that people chase all over the place.
...And when they're not chasing Happiness, they're pretending
they already have it.
...No, what I believe in is that Life is School, and School is
Hard, and it eventually leads us to realize the Truth.
...Once we realize what is True is where the rubber hits the road, only then can we begin to predict results, effects and outcomes based on truth.
...Once we can predict outcomes, then we must create Just and Fair Law, wherein a good person doing a good deed should get a good outcome. A bad person doing a harmful deed should be interrupted, corrected and placed back on the path to doing good, or removed.
...And what is Fair is that every person should get the chance to experience Justice.
...But Passivism and the belief in Happiness as the highest Order just leads to complacency and decline.
...I'm not interested in going there.
...There is too much to discover, too much to master, too much to know, too much to understand, too much Truth to spread around, that I should crave or covet an easy feeling of "lacking restraints."
...You can have it.
...I'm here for the long haul, because I CAN.


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