She-chaiyah's chronicle: How can a human being begin to know God, Who consists of Light?    
 How can a human being begin to know God, Who consists of Light?
19 Jul 2002 @ 18:57, by M. Emily Cragg

"nemonemini" said:
I suspect that it is the use of phrases such as "non random pattern". My interpretation of that phrase is as follows: random is the opposite of pattern. Therefore non randon =
pattern. Thus non random pattern = pattern pattern or simply pattern!

I respond:

...There is no such thing or concept as "random."
...The truth is, prime number energies articulate everything.
...Otherwise, God could not master His Own Creation.
...The opposite of "ordered" is "still" or "motionless," NOT, "random."
...Otherwise, prescience would be impossible.
...We can talk about dimensions we cannot experience.
...The first is a point;
...the second, a line of light or thought;
...the third, a location in three-dimensional space.
...The fourth is time--physical time.
...And the fifth is change--stillness to order, back to stillness.
...There is no way to interpret the 5th dimension on this physical plane.
...That is why confusion reigns over everything of "value" >>here<<.
...That is why, without the Word [Judgment] of God, this plane is helpless and hopeless, not knowing how to navigate from misery toward joy.
...Chaos, the 6th Dimension, is merely the Stillness of Death.
...This is due to the elements of living matter not being in close proximity, that it might be inhabited and enlivened by spirit.
...Thus, both the 5th and 6th Dimensions embody STILLness--the 5th is the stillness of fear and the 6th is the stillness of death [unconsciousness] itself.
...The thoughts of God are the 7th Dimension.
...This is due to the fact that the Thoughts of God succeed in changing Everything prior--all six previous dimensions are subject to the Thoughts of God in His time-frame.
...The opposite, negative, polarity to the 7th Dimension, thought of God is Ego--of course.
...It is the belief in separation between one's own senses and the Wisdom and Joy of the Creator that defeats true knowledge of all six of the previous dimensions, by the Ego's
...Only seeing itself in its own mirror, and not receiving nor responding to the Joyful Thoughts of God, that one cannot sustain, enliven and perpetuate its/his/her own Life.
...But, it's a Choice we are given, to make.
...The choices we make out of free will become the particularities of the 8th dimension, in relation to or not in relation to, God.
...Moreover, Judgment Day is the 9th Dimension, in which God evaluates the FIT between our coded DNA-pattern and the veracity and congruence with which we act out the covenants and doctrines to which we have consented.
...Having been Judged worthy, we may then participate in the 10th Dimension--and make the leap from Form1 to Form2 to FormN in FULL Trust, in the Spirit of God's Works, and for the Pleasure of His/Her Company.
...And so it is.
...And thus, we come to know Time and Eternity, first hand.

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