She-chaiyah's chronicle: America is paralyzed; Thought Control is WORKING.    
 America is paralyzed; Thought Control is WORKING.
16 Jul 2002 @ 07:54, by M. Emily Cragg

Television is hypnotic, using flickering images to impress its suggestions. Schools demand conformity. Police demand unquestioning obedience. Churches demand conformity. The Law get more and more detailed, more and more complex. And media MERELY massage and rehearse prevailing dogma and group-think, centered around, "Ain't it AWFUL!" But, There is no one
courageous enough to taking the initiatives needed to put the Administration in jail, where they belong. There is no intimation or message--anywhere--to the effect that people
are expected to know how to think about Justice, Honor, Dominion and Sovereignty for themselves.

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