She-chaiyah's chronicle: Getting OUT of Hell--Step Three--Backing off ...    
 Getting OUT of Hell--Step Three--Backing off ...
8 Jul 2002 @ 09:36, by M. Emily Cragg

...backing off from the Consumerism model towards Life rich with skills, gifts and arts because its people accept the tough discipline of "needlessness."
...My hope is to lead the way, OUT of Hell.
...Many of us have experienced monetary double-binds from which we cannot get loose, get free.
...If you remember Chinese finger puzzles, the harder you work at getting loose, the harder it is and the more firmly in its grip, your fingers are held.
...Economics are LIKE THAT. The harder you work and the more money you make, the more money you need.
...If we're going to get out of hell, we're going to have to BACK OUT, by not needing anything much.
...As it was well spoken, "The Rich are not the persons who HAVE the most. Rather, they are the persons who NEED THE LEAST."
...Intentional communities have always had the problem of buying up large tracts of land, and then having to pay taxes on all that land. Maybe that's not necessary.
...Intentional communities have always tried very creative and individualistic forms of sustainable construction; but, they use artistic license and give away all the economies of scale that modular building creates.
...Intentional communities have always presumed, either to create a single business or organization of their own, or to depend on the money economy to keep them afloat. Maybe
there's a third way, not tried. I know there is.
...Fact is, the Kingdom of God is untried, in Hell. Neither is the New Jerusalem in Hell.
...So, if we want to participate in those paradigms, we're going to have to start from scratch, to do it.
...Luck has it, there is a small portion of land on which I shall build the prototype of a survival-sufficient, invisible, tactile economy that no one will bother and no one will tap. ["Can you get blood out of a turnip?"]
...Anybody wanting to investigate freedom from the standpoint of "needlessness," give me a holler. I may have a space or two left.

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