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category picture4 Jul 2002 @ 17:31
...Ennui has gripped America, and we are catatonic.
...It has been shown that to the American people:--
...that a great deal of the evidence against Arabs and against the Taliban are LIES!
....The War Against Terrorism is actually about reinstituting heroin traffic in Asia, which the Taliban interrupted.

Pakistani General Confirms Publicly That 'War On Terror' Is All About Heroin, By Joe Vialls - January 2002, Pakistani Major General Zafar Abas has gone on the public record, confirming my claim that the American military has not in the past, and is not now, bombing Afghan drug assets including heroin laboratories and drug dumps. Speaking on Australian SBS Television on 14 January, Major General Abas said, "It is common knowledge that southern Afghanistan, which is infested with narcotics dumps and factories, has not been bombed by the Americans at all." Major General Abas, commander of the southern Baluchistan Province of Pakistan, agreed to the interview after his troops intercepted and seized a large shipment of pure heroin on its way to Europe. This single half ton shipment, the first intercepted since the "downfall" of the Taliban, is estimated to have a street value of US$1 billion. The shipment was dispatched from Afghanistan by tribal warlords who controlled the country until 1996, and who were recently reinstated by the CIA on behalf of the American Administration and the American people. The public statement by Major General Abas on 14 January 2001 is very rare from the Pakistani military, which normally bites its lip and says nothing. What the statement itself indicates is growing frustration bordering on desperation. Dealing with drug dealers and American CIA spooks on a daily basis, must make the Pakistani military wonder how anyone in the west could really believe that "The War on Terror" has anything to do with Osama Bin Laden
or the attack on the World Trade center. Smack, anyone?
...that Bush is not law-abiding in business.
...and he’s making money hand-over-fist on this war he started.
... the stratosphere is occupied by all kinds and shapes of stable aircraft;
....that the sun is undergoing profound physical changes, which heat up the entire solar system; [link]
....that hundreds of UFOs are being sighted daily, all over the world;
....that bioweapons—anthrax, AIDS, and mad cow disease—are running rampant. So what? says the US. [link]
....and that America is in danger from military testing of electronic weaponry;
....When are we going to start dealing with some of this treachery?

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