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2009-08-12: The End of Criminal Slavery Is At Hand
2009-06-29: "All One" is a DECEPTIVE PARADIGM
2009-06-11: The Mark of the Beast Comes Clear
2009-06-01: IMPOSSIBLE PROOFS, by definition
2009-05-30: Problem-Solving Requires True Information & DATA
2009-03-21: Navigating Perfidy.
2007-10-01: The Adoption of the Nazi State, with silence.
2002-07-31: Will humanity adapt to Change, or die from Neglect?
2002-07-29: Passive Joy Versus Living by the Truth
2002-07-20: Expressing Dismay is NOT the same as "making a difference"
2002-07-19: How can a human being begin to know God, Who consists of Light?
2002-07-16: America is paralyzed; Thought Control is WORKING.
2002-07-08: Getting OUT of Hell--Step Three--Backing off ...
2002-07-06: Where are we--physically? Are we in the Kingdom or in the Abyss?
2002-07-06: God shows us ALL what Good is and what Evil IS
2002-07-06: Where are we in history?
2002-07-04: NYTIMES Abuzz Forum is d*o*w*n, so I'd like to save this, here, okay?
2002-07-01: This is hot! The SUN is getting hotter ... somehow?
2002-07-01: Speaking of Avoidance, ...
2002-06-30: Free Will IS a Choice--
2002-06-29: Denial is a problem we can focus on, to help redirect attention.
2002-06-25: When WE "See NO evil, Hear NO evil, Speak NO evil", what happens?
2002-06-24: Who IS the antichrist foretold in Scripture?
2002-06-24: How long will we endure this great Cruelty?
2002-06-24: Modeling VIOLENCE creates a core of Fear in our people.
2002-06-24: When "nice" people simply avoid trouble, we're stuck with it., COMMENT

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