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16 Aug 2003 @ 07:30, by Jim Whitescarver

AnewGo is a new government representing human interests rather that geography. It aims to register for the ICANN country code domain and a potentially seat in the U.N.

It is a collaboration representing live and let live international cooperation.

We have a lot of people with different ideas and ambitions for AnewGo. There are lots of compatible motivations as an experiment, testbed of ideas, or actual future multinational power.

1. Reengineer government from the ground up addressing the problems in existing governments.
* create a less oppressive, more intelligent and effective self government, justice system and economic system based on what we, as a civilization, have learned over the last few hundred years while preserving the universal principles of self government that should be preserved.

2. Providing a international presence for multinational individuals joined not by geography, but by common interests.
* human rights (SocialContract, SovereignIndividuals), freedom from oppression.
* preserving diversity
* peaceful coexistence (mutual protection)
* sustaining growth
* stewardship of our natural resources.

3. Build some international collective knowlege base collaboratve organization....

The scope of this project is to define AnewGo and its constitution as a thought experiment in best practices self government and economic theory and evaluate the best means of applying the ideas generated in the world today.


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1 Dec 2003 @ 02:50 by swanny @ : Cooperative Diversity
You may be on to something here Jim

Sir swanny  

15 Jul 2005 @ 19:02 by rosalind rosario @ : Lead Base paint
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15 Jul 2005 @ 19:14 by jstarrs : Welcome to the western paradigm...
If you're serious, I'm sorry for you.
If your not, I'm sorry for you.
Go see your local politician, media, dealer?
I don't know.
I'm sorry but there's a war on at the moment.  

15 Apr 2008 @ 13:06 by Deepwater @ : YES, YES, YES
O.K. man you are right on the ball, ahead of your time yes, but have no fear, this is a great idea. I think it will take a bit before most folks evolve to the point where they are able to see what you are saying, and obviously most folk need to work on their minds a little in order to expand them enough to participate in such a visionary idea! Please keep thinking and communicating your brilliant thoughts, even if it seems that no one gets it, eventually they will. Humanity needs folks to sow the seeds of change. Love your work and hope this feedback gets to you. Blessings.  

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