WillowBear's Amble: "Why do we continue to hurt one another?"    
 "Why do we continue to hurt one another?"5 comments
picture7 Jan 2003 @ 22:43, by Ben Tremblay


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11 Jul 2004 @ 16:44 by jazzolog : Good Question
Ben's Log was one of the best, and he was a terrific and active member. I didn't know he had dismantled his creation until I looked it up just now. He was living in Halifax, which was difficult for him. I notice he does check in to NCN occasionally, and I'd love to see him revive his involvement with us.

PS The comments still are here in case you want a taste of what went on.  

28 May 2006 @ 02:37 by cho : Nice of you to say so, Jazz, but ...
On 11JUL2004 you wrote that you just noticed my deletions? But I had done that over a year earlier, much more than a year earlier. So, really, what actual "involvement" was there if my absence wasn't noticed for nearly 18 months?  

28 May 2006 @ 08:44 by jazzolog : Sinking To The Bottom
You know, sometimes a number of NCN members check in each day only to watch their Logs sink lazily toward the bottom of the list...no comments to view, no "involvement" evident. Over at the Chats the same 3 or 4 people carry on their fun, hardly extending their hospitality to expand the horizons of passersby looking in for the first time to say Hello. Eventually one's own involvement can be met only by the echoing of oneself through these winding corridors. Some members give up on NCN with a BANG...and we all know it, while others just stop coming by. The loss of any and all is tragic.  

28 May 2006 @ 12:59 by jmarc : you didn't answer his question
are you just talking to yourself so you don't have to hear the background noise you generated?  

28 May 2006 @ 14:29 by swan : Yes, Richard
many good newslog enteries seem to go unnoticed, and many good people also seem to go unnoticed. I have often watched my newslog drop aimlessly to the bottom only to pop back up when I have something else to say. Begin today by noticing just one of them and let them know in some way.  

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