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picture29 Dec 2002 @ 10:31, by Ben Tremblay


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29 Dec 2002 @ 11:41 by vaxen : yah,,,
The word 'Yetser' (Yetzer)(v.t., L'Yatzer) is actually only the third stage of creating, or manifesting, a thing. The first stage is 'Atsiluth,' which is the stage of 'idea.' The second stage, where the Torah starts, is 'Briah,' which means to assemble all the parts of the idea. The parts necessary for its realisation. The third aspect, 'Yetsira' (Yetzira), is when you begin the assembly of all the items you gathered in 'Briah.' The fourth stage is 'Assiah,' the completed product. Each one of these words, unfortunately, is translated by either the word create, or make, or shape, or aspects of those...but mostly translators all translate these words with the english word create which is itself based on the sanskrit 'Kri.' The basis of Kri-ya which means movement. Yetser Ha RA (Resh Ayin) Means the formation of RA. RA (Resh Ayin) is mostly translated as 'evil.' I do'nt agree with that translation for it leads to great misunderstanding. Nevertheless it may suffice to say that Yetser, in this context, refers to the active 'assembly' of that which will lead unto...(allowing for the mis-translation of Resh Ayin, RA, as evil) evil...and not to the 'evil,' as product, itself. Thus The Rabbi says yetser is impulse to...there is also a Yetser Ha Tov. Ha means 'the.' Tov means 'good.' We could go deeper but, hopefully, this little explanation will suffice for now...

==++--++--++== Oh my, thank you sooooo much for this, and not only for the specific material itself; I've heard a couple of times that those learned in Judaism have a particular ease with Abhidharma, and I can see why! So incisive, so trenchant, so salient ... so insightful into the human process ... thank you thank you thank you!

By way of detail, what I've been wrestling with the last couple of weeks is the notion of "concurrency"; things can get quite tangled when we lay them out neatly, sequentially, with a clear set of cause-effect relationships ... very handy, the ability to do this ... and often enough very convenient. Of course it breaches the 1st precept in just the way I described above, buy oh me oh my how my head hurts when I grok the concurrency of these gloriously re-entrant processes! Ain't life just a glory?!! *gush and giggle*

So ... yetser ha.ra and yetser ha.tov ... ok ... so then, the bifurcation arises just there. In the super-richness of that moment, and given the hyper-sensitivity and responsiveness of the gestalt, who flips the coin? Spring's warmth informs the seed, and the pebble converses with the ripplet ... but what strokes us to do other than the good?

Gotta luv this "free will" stuff ... endlessly revealing, like a movie with no denoument, or one where we re-write every time we reach the ending, having perjured our memory of what happened last time. *wink* . . ben ==++--++--++==  

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