WillowBear's Amble: Squaring the Circle: justice and "rules"    
 Squaring the Circle: justice and "rules"2 comments
31 May 2002 @ 06:55, by Ben Tremblay


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3 Jun 2002 @ 13:19 by vaxen : squaring the circle...
is easy. try cubing the sphere. circling the square is easy. try sphering the cube. one dimension two dimension three dimensions four...ad infinitum. De Oppresso Liber! Therein is justice. Feed the hungy! Therein is justice. Cloth the naked! Therein is justice. En-Noble those who have been enslaved by the 'justices' of materialisms' blind urge to 'create/mind control' 'consumers' where once there were happy wo/men. Therein is justice. Find 'authority and justice in your heart for justice/balance comes from there. When some-thing is true then it is just for justice and truth are inseperable. True the ancient block and make it fine in the fires' dark kindling glow. Good man art thou dear cho. D.O.L! But of course you do! Do'nt you?

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Woa, you skipped a step!
I think the real sweet nut of what you're saying here got minimized when you skipped over something: you write "Squaring the circle is easy ... try cubing the circle". Ok, so let's say cubing the circle works; that just shows that squaring it by trying to use a conventional reading of the problem remains impossible. So, simply, you're wrong to say "Squaring the circle is easy" after showing that it remains impossible. And that's precisely the point. So even repeating "It's easy!" with ever increasing glee has no effect because, well, actually, it isn't.
Nonetheless your initial point is precisely right: the age old problems that have dogged us can indeed be engaged successfully by thinking in larger terms, which is to say: we need finer conceptual tools, and those tools are on the horizon (if we don't actually have them already).

p.s. In my experience, such actualities as clothing the naked and feeding the hungry give rise to a considerate bliss, as well as being great antidotes to hubris.  

3 Jun 2002 @ 15:50 by bushman : Nature
Just my opinion, but nature has no trouble making a square bolder round, just takes time from our view but the bolder knows its time, what do you loose when you shave a round bolder square, and then decide it should be round? It's kind of like saying since we don't use the lower floors of a sky scraper we will just remove them and add them to the top so people will use them, sounds silly , but thats what justice is, for that skyscraper has no suport any longer. just my view, justice, jesus, still spells, just us.  

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