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2008-09-01: No clue what's going on here
2008-04-01: I often find myself wanting to come back
2003-01-28: Yuppy's ultimate core value: "Do you pay taxes?"
2003-01-07: "Why do we continue to hurt one another?"
2002-12-29: ?''yetzer harah''?
2002-12-26: Self and Others
2002-12-19: Active Discourse
2002-12-06: On the anniversary of Montreal Massacre, I'm called and cannot answer ...
2002-12-04: The Duplicity of Complacence
2002-11-05: Desiderata Too
2002-10-27: Despite yuppies' woes, citizens act
2002-09-12: Socrates didn't /quit/.
2002-08-17: Antidote to commoditization: affection
2002-08-13: Whatever it's about, it's here now
2002-08-07: Establishing truth by intimidation
2002-07-26: Am I cynical, yet?
2002-07-08: The Trouble with Earnest
2002-06-06: With two major protests scheduled for the next three weeks ...
2002-06-05: I would never post trivia here.
2002-05-31: Squaring the Circle: justice and "rules"
2002-05-25: I didn't play my drum today, and wonder why
2002-05-21: NonViolence Web Issues: Conscience and the State

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