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We are collecting visions of how a new civilization might be. Submit your entries here or send them to They are published regularly in the New Civilization Visions electronic newsletter.

* The Venus Project - the redesign of a culture.

* Connetted - a declaration of a worldwide charter of very elementary principles for a permanent and peaceful human living together.

* The Global Ideas Bank - (1000+)

* Within Ourselves lives the Real Story - Jeffrey Courion's home page

* Design Earth Synergy - (20+) Community co-visionary strategic action / planning centers.

* FreeLand - Joachim's vision of an island community.

* HoloWorld - (40+) Flemming's developing model of a better society.

* Factasia - dedicated to constructive, imaginative and positive thinking about the future. .

* Vision of the 21st Century - by HeeSik Song, Korea.
Orient Renaissance
Academy for New Civilization

"We are the New Civilization" - a poetic manifesto by Flemming Funch.

"I offer this prayer of peace to declare a revolution of the human spirit. I wish to announce that it is now time for all of us to spiritually awaken and become enlightened; that the time for the enlightened few is over; that the age of elitist enlightenment has passed. For how long do you seek to wait for prophets to come down from mountaintops and tell us what to do. We all must become enlightened. To recognize our divinity. To raise up our consciousness. And proclaim our independence. from blind reliance on long ago sages, and find the answers from our own well of spiritual wisdom. We must ourselves become the enlightened ones. We must ourselves realize our Oneness/ I declare that we must all become "earthlings" of the earth. And not of any religion, nation, or race. But of this earth, for this earth, and by this earth. To create a lasting peace. On earth. "   Seung-Heun Lee

Future Vision Links

  • Bruce Sterling: The Future? You don't want to know
  • Ken Boulding: Earth as a spaceship
  • Bill Joy: Why the future doesn't need us
  • Extropian Principles
  • Yesterday's Tomorrows

    New Civilization Symphony, by William B. Robertson, © 1984.

    "Whatever you believe you can do, or dream you can, begin it.
    Boldness has genius, power and magic to it.
    - Goethe -

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